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NewonU - Where Fashion Meets Sustainability!


Fashion, Circular Fashion, E-commerce, Marketplace
Service type
Mobile Application Design (UI/UX)
Services Offered
Business modeling, User/Stakeholder Research, UI/UX Design

About NewonU

NewonU is a game-changer in the world of fashion, promoting sustainability and empowering users to make conscious choices. Our mobile application provides a platform where sellers can list their products and monitor traction while engaging with multiple buyers to secure the best deal. With a focus on circular economy principles, we're here to revolutionize the way we consume and appreciate fashion. Experience the ultimate circular fashion economy through our innovative mobile application, where buying and selling clothes, accessories, furniture, art, and more has never been easier.

Features we developed

User Profile and Profile Details
Digital Wallet System
Chat System
E-commerce Functionality
Payment Integration
Discount & Promotions
Inventory Management
Step 1

Business research & Exploration

We conducted extensive market research to identify the growing need for sustainable fashion solutions. By analyzing user preferences, industry trends, and competitor offerings, we refined our vision to create an application that addresses real-world challenges and offers an unmatched user experience.

Step 2

Information Architecture

To ensure seamless navigation and user-friendliness, we carefully structured the app's information architecture. Intuitive categories, easy-to-understand menus, and clear pathways were designed to optimize the buying and selling process.

Step 3

Wireframing and UI/UX Design

Our talented team of designers and UX specialists brought the app to life through meticulous wireframing and UI/UX design. We focused on a visually appealing interface, simple yet elegant design elements, and intuitive interactions to enhance user engagement.

Step 4

The Launch & the success

The Application owners immediately embraced the platform, recognizing its positive impact on the fashion industry and the environment. Our commitment to sustainability and user satisfaction has fostered a thriving community of fashion enthusiasts, driving continuous growth and success for NewonU. As NewonU continues to evolve, we remain dedicated to our mission of empowering individuals to make ethical fashion choices while supporting a circular economy. With our mobile application as the cornerstone, together, we are transforming the future of fashion. Join us on this journey of style, sustainability, and empowerment