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Revolutionizing the Sports Community with Torhus!


Sports, Marketplace, Vendor Management (Franchises Model)
Service type
Mobile Application
Services Offered
Business modeling, User/Stakeholder Research, UI/UX Design, Andriod & iOS application development, Management Portal

About Torhus

Torhus is a groundbreaking mobile application that caters to the needs of the sports community. With Torhus, creating user profiles that showcase individual skill sets has never been easier. Organizing games and inviting friends or teams to play together is a breeze. And if you're short on players, no worries! Start a sports group and welcome players from all around. The app also allows you to reserve your preferred stadium, while vendors can effortlessly manage multiple stadiums using the booking and revenue management system.

Features we developed

Social Media
Digital Wallet
Booking Management
Revenue Management
Chat Functionality
Team Management
Location Mapping
Multiple Store Management
Step 1

Business research & Exploration

Our team delved deep into market research and conducted extensive surveys to understand the needs of the sports community. We explored various pain points faced by players, teams, and vendors, ensuring that Torhus would provide a comprehensive solution. By identifying key user requirements, we laid the foundation for an app that truly caters to the sports enthusiasts.

Step 2

Wireframing and UI/UX Design

With careful consideration of user feedback and requirements, we crafted intuitive wireframes and stunning UI/UX designs. Our goal was to create an engaging and seamless user experience, enabling users to navigate effortlessly through the app's features. We paid special attention to design elements that would enhance user interaction, making Torhus both visually appealing and user-friendly.

Step 3


Our skilled development team brought Torhus to life, transforming the wireframes and designs into a fully functional mobile application. Alongside the user app, we also developed a robust business management portal, empowering vendors to streamline their operations and manage their entire business efficiently. Our developers ensured a smooth user experience, robust security, and seamless integration of all the features within the app and portal.

Step 4

The Launch & the success

Users flocked to the app, creating profiles, organizing games, and connecting with like-minded sports enthusiasts. The convenience of reserving stadiums, managing revenues, and engaging in social interactions within one platform was widely appreciated. Torhus became the go-to app for sports lovers, providing a comprehensive solution for their needs. The success of Torhus not only revolutionized the sports community but also paved the way for future advancements in sports-related applications.